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What is the development trend of the LED industry this year  
Category: Industry News       Time: November 28,2017  
The LED industry is expected to expand in new application areas this year, prompting LED manufacturers to get rid of the consumer lighting and backlighting areas of Red Sea applications. The research organization LEDinside expects the three major development trends of the industry to be Micro LED, automotive and infrared sensing.
What are the development characteristics of the global LED industry?  
Category: Industry News       Time: November 28,2017  
In 2015, while responding to the challenges of the global energy crisis and the gradual deterioration of the environment, my country is also committed to strengthening the adjustment of the industrial structure, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and transforming the mode of development. Semiconductor lighting has gradually established an important position in the lighting industry due to its superior performance and high-effic
Speed up the commercialization of LED display  
Category: Industry News       Time: November 28,2017  
After months of economic suspension, and the economic restart after the epidemic was effectively contained, people's long-standing consumer enthusiasm was fully released, and a new round of consumption boom was inspired.
What is the current development situation of Micro LED?  
Category: Industry News       Time: June 28,2020  
Nowadays, the display technology industry is full of flowers. Among them, MicroLED has become a technological highland in the upstream industry for its high resolution, low power consumption, high brightness, high color saturation, fast response speed, thin thickness, and long life. Compared with LCD and OLED, MicroLED has its unmatched pedigree advantage. This near-perfect display technology is recognized by the industry as a strong competitor o

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